A New Take On The Traditional Tincture

Canna Cousins Cultivators is proudly based in Michigan with quality hemp grown using the purest nutrients and soils.  Our grow supports our CBD distribution and business and research, soon to be also THC.


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A new take on the traditional tincture

With a dedicated research and development team, Canna Cousins Cultivators has created high quality class CBD tinctures, gummies and distillates that work.  Our clients frequently come back to buy more product and our growing family of CBD retail stores has consistently said our products our superior.

Our Capabilities

Lifeline Tinctures

The most recent development from Canna Cousins, a broad full spectrum tincture.

Full Spectrum CBD

Our extraction process gives us full spectrum CBD with the powerful phytocannabinoids found in hemp.

Blends and Levels

Our products are carefully tested and evaluated to give you the best combination of terpene, CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC levels for maximum effectiveness.


Canna Cousins recognizes the importance of clean water and sustainability for the State of Michigan.  Our team is constantly working to build a sustainable practice of water use and reuse.

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