A new take on the traditional tincture

Canna Cousins Cultivators was established in 2020 as part of the Care by Design Market Holdings family of brands.  Our company has a focus and specialization on hemp growth and CBD product development.  To date we have released dozens of high-quality CBD products to the market that have helped thousands of individuals with pain, anxiety, depression and more.

The Canna Cousins growth facility is based in Kinross, Michigan.  Utilizing innovative extraction processes for hemp we have been developing our CBD product lines (such as our brand-new Lifeline Tinctures) while also focusing on improving our growth capabilities. Our companies’ mission is to serve our local communities with care, and to be involved with critical issues that face our community. Canna Cousins is committed to using sustainable growth practices and investing in water reuse manufacturing techniques.

Currently Canna Cousins is focused on hemp growth and CBD extraction.  In the near future we are planning full cannabis cultivation for both retail and medical distribution.

Our Family Of Companies

Canna Cousins Cultivators is part of a family of companies that are passionate about cannabis and CBD. Please use the following links to explore our sister companies and organizations:

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